High Tide™

All Natural Shellfish Extract

Plant immune booster for indoor and outdoor plants.

High Tide™ contains our all natural shellfish extract which enhances your plants’ growth when used as an adjuvant.

High Tide™ meets USDA National Organic Standards Sec. 205.601. This product is not a pesticide.


The exoskeleton of insects are made of chitin/chitosan. The chitosan solution in High Tide™ works as an adjuvant, or plant immune system booster, by triggering your plant’s natural immune response – which increases your plant’s size, resin or sap production, and hardiness.

In essence, it tricks your plants into believing they are being infested and elicits your plant’s natural immune response. High Tide™ has proven useful for fruits, vegetables, trees, and turf, and can be applied to foliage, soil, or hydroponic reservoirs.