Powerful turnkey biopolymer coagulants

Clean water is humanity’s most precious resource and needed by every industry.

Removing pollutants from water traditionally requires large amounts of synthetic polymers and non-biodegradable metal coagulants.

Our innovative Tidal Clear® solutions make chitosan ideal for large scale water treatment applications.

For the first time.

Tidal Clear® is cleaning water in many industries


Food and Beverage

Because chitosan is safe and nontoxic, the flocs or “sludge” generated in treatment can be upcycled as a protein, lipid, and/or dye concentration, adding economic value to wastewater byproducts. The US Food Drug Administration (FDA) approves the use of chitosan in these processes.

Mining & Reclamation

Mining and extraction present dynamic challenges depending on the site that must be clarified before discharge to a water body. Get in touch with us to explore how biopolymers can work for your operation.


Potable water

Tidal Clear® is the first and only chitosan-based coagulant and flocculant to be granted NSF-60 certification for use in drinking water in the USA.


Environmental & Construction

Runoff from construction sites, farms, and industry drains into local bodies of water and is a major source of suspended solids, heavy metals & minerals, hydrocarbons, and other pollutants that chitosan binds to.

Nature’s unique coagulant building block

+ Chitosan adds unique value in water treatment because of its unique structure as a polyamine with available hydroxyl and amino groups.

+ Our solutions harness this dynamic polymer’s characteristics to be used alone or in conjunction with existing polymer chemistries such as polydadmacs, polyamines, or metals (alum, ACH, PAC, ferric chloride, etc.).

+ Chitosan’s degradability + safety enable new possibilities in resource recovery.

+  The high molecular weight and crystallinity chitosan used in our Tidal Clear® solutions have 200-400% better efficacy than traditional chitosan.

+ Powered by Zale Technology™, we are able to offer chitosan solutions at 5X the concentrations previously possible – lowering your dose rate by 80%! 

+ We commonly see application rates in the 5-50 ppm range, meaning that even on the high end, 1 tote treats 5,500,000 gallons of contaminated water!


Increase filterability

For many water challenges, Tidal Clear® increases filterability and floc strength. This can increase flow rates, decrease downtime from backwashing, and reduce the wear on your filtration equipment (RO, nano-filtration, etc.). 

Lower your cost

Tidal Clear® solutions and hybrids can often directly lower your total cost of operation when it comes to your polymer purchases.

There are also indirect cost savings from using a less corrosive solution, reduced filter media replacement, potential energy savings, and reduced need for extra pH adjustments. 


Tidal Clear® enables your effluent to be discharged to natural water bodies. We have the data and a team to help with your regulatory permitting process. Get in touch with us to learn how we can help.

How Tidal Clear® lowers costs and increases throughput

Reduces the amount of inorganic metal coagulants used by 70% to 100%.


Lowers turbidity faster than metal coagulants alone.


Increases filterability & floc strength so you can increase flow rates with your existing infrastructure.

Non-hazmat makes it easier and safer to handle and lowers your transportation costs.


Greater efficiency & filterability + lower TDS = higher flow rates and reduced wear & tear on equipment (RO, nanofiltration, or other).

Lower solids volume + higher filter run length = longer run cycles, less backwashing, and less sludge volume.


Since metal coagulants lower pH, using chitosan reduces or eliminates this drop in pH and eliminates the need for handling caustic.

Enables sludge upcycling for fertilizer, animal feed, protein recovery, etc.

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