AgriScience for a healthier population and planet

Introducing powerful and proprietary platforms for solving agriculture’s greatest challenges

Tidal Grow® Bioactive Technology harnesses the power of nature to create effective plant nutrition and crop protection products

Our Integra Technology re-engineers the structure and composition of one of earth’s most powerful biomolecules


Offerings in our Bioactive Portfolio harness the power of nature

Introducing Spectra for crop protection derived from nature and our carbon-based fertilizers, Oceanic and SeaPhos.

Target and solve modern farm challenges with the next generation of biomolecular technology.

Increase Nutrient Use-Effectiveness

Increase nutrient use effectiveness by 25%+ of NPK and micros

Increase Active Ingredient Performance

Active Ingredient reduction of 50%+ with no performance loss

We support all crop production systems

We believe in applying technology to make solutions that work for all farmers. 

Grow today. Grow tomorrow.

Tidal Grow AgriScience exists to assist in delivering healthy crops today, in 100 years, and 1,000 years from now.

Tidal Grow projects leverage the complete potential of Integra Technology and the Tidal Vision lab to realize higher yield gains and entirely new possibilities in the effectiveness of crop production inputs – from nitrogen to fungicide, to nematicides, and more.

Maximizing farmer profitability

Our technologies help farmers maximize ROI, increase yield, and protect their valuable crop production resources for the next generation.

We are constantly learning then applying our technology to solve specific farmer pain points and increase profitability.

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