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Revolutionary and consistent nutrient use efficiency & crop protection performance.

Our proven biomolecular engineering platform is built on our chitosan as the backbone to enhance trusted active ingredients and essential nutrients.

Unique & Universal Mode of Action

Systemic Defense Response


Chitosan is the building block of all insect & crustacean exoskeletons and the cell walls of fungi


Plant cell walls have a specific receptor (CERK1) that detects the presence of chitosan


Chitosan elicits a systemic response throughout the entire plant

Chitosan is a natural biomolecule elicitor which:


Improves plant health & hardiness [1].

Chitosan is Nontoxic No Hazmat

Reduces the need for synthetic pesticides [2].


Reduces transpiration without lowering crop output [3].

Chitosan induces numerous biological responses in plants such as biotic & abiotic stress resistance, increased chitinase production, and increased productivity. Due to its mode of action eliciting a systemic response, chitosan can be applied at low application rates and is therefore very economical for conventional or organic crop production.

Chitosan is also used in nutrient release applications to synchronize nutrient bioavailability with crop demands, reducing fertilizer requirement and increasing productivity. When applied in soil, it has been shown that chitosan is able to stimulate beneficial chitinolytic microorganisms that inhibit many pathogens and pests.


The performance of chitosan in various crop production applications greatly depends on the performance specifications (purity, molecular weight, DDA) and the timing and rate of application. Ask to see our Technical Specifications & Blending Considerations document for more information. 

Tidal Grow® is Tidal Vision’s product line of advanced solutions for crop production applications. To maximize your success when formulating with chitosan for crop production, we provide Tidal Grow® in several formulation options – all produced with precise specifications to ensure consistent performance.

Our team of chitosan experts are here to make your process of buying and using chitosan easy.

We’ll guide you to the most cost-effective and best performing solution for your application.


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