Our Mission

To create positive and systemic environmental impact by advancing chitosan chemistry solutions.

We create systemic change by making chitosan lower cost, more convenient, and better performing than synthetic chemicals.



Chitosan has historically been a niche biopolymer that was expensive, inconvenient to use, and only available in a few specifications.

The traditional process for chitosan extraction was expensive and produced large waste streams. Further, chitosan was largely only available in the dry flake form, so adoption required substantial R&D and specialized equipment to functionalize the chitosan into a solution that would even work in your intended application.


Our innovations enable us to supply you with ready-to-use chitosan solutions that are optimized for your application at a lower cost than the market has ever seen, all while leading the industry in customization, quality, and consistency.

See Our Technology page for more information about our innovative chitosan process and product technologies.

Our Story

We’re reducing waste and encouraging sustainable fishing
by upcycling sustainable ocean byproducts!


Inspired by coastal communities whose traditions, cultures, economies, and ecosystems depend on ocean sustainability, Tidal Vision was founded on the belief that sustainability should never be a compromise.

In Alaska alone, two billion pounds of fish and crab byproducts are discarded to rot annually. This waste not only represents missed economic opportunity, but also poses potential environmental threats when concentrated on the ocean floor.

Tidal Vision is combating this waste and encouraging sustainable fishing practices by purchasing discarded byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries. We then upcycle that waste into eco-friendly chitosan chemistry solutions that displace synthetic chemicals.

Our vision is about more than just mitigating an environmental threat, reducing waste and displacing synthetic chemicals across entire industries. Sustainable fisheries face an economic disadvantage compared to their pillaging competitors. By purchasing their waste for high-value uses, our business model adds value and therefore increases the resiliency of sustainable fisheries.

Tidal Vision pledges to only use byproducts from sustainably managed fisheries to help ensure our ocean’s resources exist for generations to come.


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