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Chitosan is All Around Us

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Chitosan is a refined derivative of chitin, the second most abundant biopolymer on earth – after cellulose.

Chitosan begins in the formation of structural cells in all insects, crustaceans, and many fungi. The word chitosan is a scientific term, like cellulose, to describe a family of molecules of poly (many) d-glucosamine saccharides (sugars) in a chain with alternating functional groups. These molecules (and the enzymes to degrade them) are abundant in the decomposition ecology of every ecosystem.


Chitosan is 100% biocompatible, biodegradable, and hypoallergenic.

Chitosan’s safety has been extensively studied by researchers, independent scientific review committees at the EPA, by the FDA, and more. It has been found to be safe for humans and the environment. Remarkably, honey bees (whose outer shell is made of chitinous material) experienced an increase in survival rates in one study with chitosan.

Unique properties

It's the only industrial biopolymer that naturally has a positive electrostatic charge.

This property gives chitosan a strong affinity for ions, metals, molecules, macromolecules, and microorganisms. This makes it useful in 400+ applications on the market today that would otherwise require problematic materials or chemicals.

Novel plant elicitor with a proven mode of action

Chitosan binds to a specific plant cell wall receptor (CERK-1), triggering a systemic plant response that yields a host of benefits depending on the crop and application.

Modifiable building block

Chitosan is a family of biopolymers with varying functional groups and molecular weights. Different specifications of chitosan can have very different efficacy in different applications.

Tidal Vision has assembled a team of scientists and scaled proprietary processes for more precisely modifying and controlling the specifications of various chitosans. Further, we have technologies for creating novel chitosan-based biomolecules that have unprecedented performance in the Water Treatment, Agriculture, and Material Science industries. 

Stable and reliable

Chitosan is a hardy biopolymer. For example, it is tough enough that we are able to formulate high-performing Flame Retardant solutions for the textile industry with our Tidal-Tec FR solutions. All of our chitosan solutions can withstand freezing and thawing, and also have multi-year shelf lives.

Our technologies are the first to provide you the consistency and reliability of synthetic polymers with all the safety and environmental benefits of chitosan.


Chitosan flake needs to be dissolved into a liquid solution (not just dispersed in suspension) to be effective and efficient in most real world applications. However, chitosan is a non-newtonian fluid and can reach high viscosities in low concentrations. 

Using chitosan is now easy with our liquid chitosan solutions and optimized formulas that are ready to use with your existing infrastructure.

Green and economical

Natural products continue to win market share from synthetic chemicals as consumers and businesses are becoming more aware of their environmental impact. 

Our chitosan solutions provide an exciting opportunity for your businesses to find high functioning replacements, without sacrificing your bottom line.

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Chitosan has been limited to niche applications and hasn’t been made accessible for mass adoption.

Until now.

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